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In the last days or even months, the whole community of diabetics and their families has been (and still is) exposed to hard tests. New types of sensors with encrypted access (Freestyle Libre), changes in existing service procedures that do not allow further use of equipment (new G6 model), blocking the use of applications (Spike) – these are just examples.

There is no point in considering and wondering what the reasons for these changes were. It is important to look into the future, draw conclusions from what is happening and take appropriate actions so that in the future this type of situation will not happen again.

My idea is as follows:

To create an application that will be the “sum” of existing ones.

It is not about “re-inventing the wheel”, but about gathering what is offered today in DIY applications serving diabetics in one new app which will be available on all equipment platforms – Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

The new application will be available as it is today for existing ones, but the whole of its source will be published as “open-source” on Github. Thanks to this – in emergency situations everyone will be able, thanks to free software environments, to create it for themselves and install it on their own devices – exactly as it is today with Loop or xDrip applications.

It will cover all available in existing applications such as xDrip+, Spike, Glimp, Loop, AAPS, OpenAPS, etc. also “internal devices”: elements of CGM systems, insulin pumps, glucometers as well as all types of our “processors” existing today – smartphones, smartwatches, smartband, etc. The ability of all of today’s functionalities based on data exchange by Nightscout and other similar servers will be preserved.

An additional effect will be the unification of transmission protocols, data exchange, cooperation with other applications, different devices, etc.

The new application – it will not only be one progam, but at least three:

  • Application “tools” – used to activate sensors, restart transmitters or other technical activities
  • Application “lite” – a simple, basic version
  • Application “full” – a full version with all possibilities.

The order of creation as follows:

  1. Tools
  2. Light Version
  3. Full Version

So far, thousands of hours and days devoted by developers and volunteers creating existing applications today and the fact that virtually all of their sources are available in the form of open-source – will allow work to progress quickly.

All results of this initiative will also be open-source and get published on the web on a current basis.

There is a lot to do. For the results to be quick – I have to spend all my time without dealing with other topics – also without any other “work for living”. Since I have practically finished works on decoding Libre 2 / Pro / H sensors – I can start this topic.

I do not have the necessary financial “stocks” myself to be able to devote myself completely and permanently to this work – I am launching the opportunity of social support by declaring even minimal, but permanent, monthly financial support through the Patreonus platform.

Here is the link to my Patreonus page:

Benefits from this is for everybody, those who will financially support and who not – free and available for all diabetes DIY applications.

The project starts today, without waiting of – if and how many such financial support declarations will be.

I will publish current information on this blog and on a specially created FB group (information about this and other Internet locations related to this project will be published here and in FB groups devoted to this subject).

FB Group:

Direct e-mail contact:

I am open for cooperation with all of community developers to help, improve and organize all work in thos project to be fast and smooth. So I am inviting all of you to cooperate 🙂

I am very curious about your opinions, comments and suggestions on this subject.

A few words about me:
My name is Marek Macner, I live in Poland and for several years I have been developing equipment and software for DIY for diabetics.
Professionally – software and equipment for aerial photography, for many years I developed software for state administration (systems for car registration and issuing driving licenses) and managed telecommunications companies – data transmission via satellites.

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  1. New development and continued research is the backbone of humankind! Thank you for this effort….. I will follow with keen interest and report also on your progress.

    1. Hi Pieter, thanks for the kind words – we do our best to bring something great to the worldwide diabetes community.
      If you want to stay up-to-date you may want to follow our FB Group: & our Twitter @iDiabDev

  2. I really appreciate your work ,and I can let my developer members(iOS & Android) join in ,if you need any support let me know please

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